Pricing and Scheduling

What We Remove

We remove just about anything that a team of two trained uniformed
agents can lift, carry, load and haul in one of our trucks. Our volume based pricing
is extremely user friendly. Our removal prices are based on how much
space your items take up in one of our trucks. Our service includes all the
lifting, carrying, loading, hauling, disposal, and we even sweep up
the area where the unwanted items were located. All qualifying
items are recycled or donated. We make it easy. Just point…
Our team of two trained uniformed agents will remove
your unwanted items for you.

We Remove... Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Dishwashers, Microwaves,
Washers, Dryers, Office Equipment, Office Materials, Bathtubs, Desk, Mattresses,
Tables, Chairs, Exercise Equipment, Dehumidifiers, Pianos, Paint,
Yard Waste, Sofas, Hot Tubs, Entertainment Centers, Trash,
Ping Pong Tables, Pumps, Ottomans, Treadmills, Mirrors, Machines,
Toilets, Sinks, Old Furniture, Books, T.V.'s, Dirt, Leaves, Drywall, Bricks, Concrete,
Monitors, Printers, Swing Sets, Basketball Goals, Construction Materials, Book Cases,
Shelves, Toys, Carpet, Padding, Old tools, Tile, Railroad Ties, Grills, Metal & Wood Sheds,
Air Conditioners Riding Movers, Push Movers, Office Furniture, File cabinets,
Boxes, Small items that pile up or just about anything you to point to.

is a full service junk removal company.