Cincinnati and Lexington Dumpster Rentals

Attractive Dumpster for DIY Projects

Yes. We just used “attractive” to describe a dumpster. The 1-800-DECLUTTER dumpster arrives white and clean. Our 10-yard model is ideal for DIY decluttering projects, whether it’s discarding outgrown kids’ stuff that has accumulated over the years, clearing out old furniture for new, a bathroom remodel, or any other DIY-sized project.

Moving unwanted items out is easy with the 1-800-DECLUTTER dumpster. Just call to schedule delivery at your convenience. When we drop off our mini-dumpster, we will first place protection boards on your driveway. We’ll leave the mini-dumpster in a location that is most convenient for loading your unwanted items. Also for ease of loading, the 10-yard dumpster is available with double doors.

As with all our services, 1-800-DECLUTTER is committed to finding new homes for your unwanted items to every extent possible. Among items that cannot be donated, we will recycle all that can be, and ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of the rest.

And, when you are done loading the dumpster, we will pick it up promptly. Same day service is available. What’s more, when we pick it up, we’ll sweep your driveway off around the area the dumpster had been sitting. Now, THAT’s attractive!

Up to 75% of the items we pick up are donated or recycled!

Nobody beats our prices. Nobody.