The GREEN Solution for Cincinnati Junk Removal

Junk is inevitable. The day always arrives when you look around and realize how much you are surrounded by old, unused, outgrown, outdated, faded and sometimes, broken, STUFF!

You start to wonder how to get rid of all the junk for less — less cost, less stress, and less harm to the environment. Cincinnati junk removal professionals 1-800-DECLUTTER resolves these challenges for you. The solution is simple:

Think Green and call 1-800-DECLUTTER

When you call 1-800-DECLUTTER to remove your junk, you’ll “get green” in several ways.

First, 1-800-DECLUTTER saves you “green”. Using the largest trucks available for junk removal services and offering the lowest prices for hauling junk, 1-800-DECLUTTER offers customers the best value.

Second, green means “go”. When you call 1-800-DECLUTTER, your part of the clean-up job is done. You are free to get on with your day.You can trust our professional, uniformed staff to remove unwanted items from your home or business efficiently and safely when it’s convenient for YOU. Just point them to your clutter, and they’ll do all the rest. Once the truck is loaded, our staff will sweep up. No stress for you!

Finally, by calling 1-800-DECLUTTER, you are doing your part in “being green”. Removing junk with 1-800-DECLUTTER is a responsible decision that is gentle on the environment.

At 1-800-DECLUTTER, we put top priority on finding your old items a new home; we donate as much as possible. Once we have donated all items that possibly can be reused, we turn to recycling. We have great respect for the environment and minimize junk going to landfills.

The solution is simple, isn’t it? Call 1-800-DECLUTTER, and get:

  • The Biggest Truck.
  • The Lowest Price.
  • The Best Value

All with the assurance that we donate as much of your unwanted as possible, minimizing the potential impact on the environment.

And, most of all, Zero Stress!

Nobody beats our prices. Nobody.